Sunday, March 23, 2008

Clearing out the Cobwebs

Did my first two races of the year this weekend here in Colorado where the air is thin and it literally might snow any minute.

University of Northern Colorado hosted a criterium up in Greelely, CO on Saturday afternoon so we decided to ride out to the race. We rolled it as best we could into the block headwind, trying not to notice the stench of the cattle and chicken farms that make up Greeley. They say when it smells like Greeley in Boulder, it is going to snow.

And it did. 3-4 inches Saturday night of heavy white snow. It was all gone by 10am though and by the time our race started in Boulder I was down to arm warmers.

The race went well enough. Considering this is Boulder, a local race is only a few thousand dollars short of NRC status. Who starts these races? 8 Toyota United (Day, Blackgrove, Stevic, Vogels, England, Clarke, Baldwin), 2 Healtnet (Pipp and Cooke), 2 Bissell (Zirbel & Peltonen), 1 Slipstream Chipotle (Tom Danielson), 3 Team Type 1 (don't know their names, but they're pros), 10 Vitamen Cottage (local powerhouse), 5 5280-Tiaa- Cref (development kids), some retired pros, and about 20 amateurs who have pro like strength. Aannnd 1 Jelly Belly Racer, me.

Long story short, some people pulled, some people sat it, one guy nearly high-sided after hitting a curb, and I rolled up the road with Vogels, Stevic, England and Pipp. We rolled it until the break was established, then started to race a bit, Henk attacked, I got caught out and lead it out. Stevic came around me at the line. Fun times. So I was 3rd.

Its Monday and warm, therefore windy, so I'll be getting out soon here to ride.

Feels really good to be racing again. Going to San Dimas this weekend in northeastern L.A.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Being Prepared

The purse of Amy Wallace:

"What if I need a spoon or a wet wipe!?"

Four or five spoons, some wet wipes, some Splenda, and a few napkins. Always prepared that Amy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Radio Haze

Commercial radio is beat. Satellite radio is only cool if you are Mike Jones driving a 5th wheel with a cowboy hat on or Amy Wallace driving the short bus...with a cowboy hat. They both like country, so maybe that's the ticket.

So next time you want to sample some tunes via the Internet check out Brian's Haze. Pretty cool selection of music based on his iTunes library. Also check out his blog.

Looking forward to dinner with the A-Team tonight.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A test everyone should take!

I'm holed up in my hammock in the front yard after an epic week on the bike. Aannnnd its not even Friday yet. Coach Frank is putting it to me right now. Today was motor pacing after 4 hours. Ugh. The burrito he got me after the ride was saaaweeeeet though.

Ben Day is coming back from Vegas tonight which means it is going to snow or rain tomorrow. He has some bad weather karma for some reason.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy Knights of Columbus!!

Its March which is my favorite time of the year as it signals the start of the racing season. This happens to be my favorite time of the year because it is full of so much joy, good tidings, and mirth. (Ed. Note: paraphrased comment from my old landlord regarding Thanksgiving and the Holiday season.)

It is also a start to the concert season. Since I've been out of the concert loop for awhile I thought I'd go drop into a show with buddies Neal and Fred. Heading out of town we saw two kids dressed up in Teddy Bear and Jar Jar Binks costumes rocking out to their iPods on the street corner. A solid start to the night. I can't print the the band's name, which you will figure out, but they were freaking awesome!

On the way home we got to see a little chase scene action ala COPS style. Kids run red light, try to ditch cops by turning into a parking lot. Cops aren't fooled. Kids jump out of car, one hand holding their pants up, the other holding their beers. They ditch the car, run through the intersection and proceed to get nabbed in the alleyway. Crazy.

Not bad for my first night in Denver.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Threads

Got my new jerseys today. Guess it won't be hard to figure out who is who on the race scene this year.

Champion Systems did a great job on the cut for the clothing this year. Really comfortable. I actually wear a large in some things, which is a first since I wear a small in about everything else on the market.

Also got the hot new Rudy Project aviators. Now all I need is a bleach blond haircut, a cut upper body and a mean beach volleyball game and I'll be all set! Watch out Iceman.

Thanks for the notes coming in about my sister down in NC. She's coping with the situation as the days go on.
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cool Runnings Chapel Hill

Questions only time will answer and explanations we may never hear or understand.

I sent my sister a text message today, asking her to call me, not sure why, just felt right. I called Mom minutes later. She said hello and I knew something was up. She had just gotten off the phone with my sister. Apparently there was an incident late last night and my sister's friend was gunned down. Details withheld, its scary.

In a time when school shootings are eclipsing Ugg boots as the en vogue campus fad I fear for my predecessors on American campuses.

To think about what makes me angry is shifted towards the cause of anger that would drive someone to do something so brutal.

Pondering causes won't suppress feelings, only appreciating everyone in my life, making chances count will keep me moving.