Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Panic

(Courtesy of Jeremy Powers)

I'm pretty content that I don't faint when faced with adversity.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Was an Awesome Show

(I swear I heard them say DJ Nightlife...then again I don't hear well)

The last few weeks has seen an increase in activity level which directly correlates to a decrease in time to do things like write. It is unfortunate, but given that I have a lot more work to do at the Slipstream Sports office thanks to Bryan Smith. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have a terrible job doing some benign.

Figuring out my next step in life has been on my mind since September, and while some went back to school, I wasn't really ready to commit to it without a better idea of what I wanted to achieve next. Working for the Slipstream crew has been a really good step back into the office world. Considering my office last year was a bike and my couch, its been really hard to get back into sharing space and having people around all the time. It makes me appreciate my solitude so much more. It also makes me realize how out of touch I am to "office" life. I've got a ways to go.

These snowshoe tracks in the snow really had me thinking. I mean, anything that spawns thoughts in the voice of David Attenborough is fantastic...and regal. But my thoughts were how analogous they are to the impressions we leave and how they are shaped. Those snowshoe prints were initially an indentation in the snow below the surface, but now they are rising up to the surface to be their defining characteristic.


I've had a pot of bolognese sauce on the stove for two hours simmering and have to keep an eye on the flavor. Its gonna taste goooooood.

...Weller's Log:
Steve, right after I msg'd you I went to Aspen. Hung out with Tim Clement, had drinks on top of a mountain while watching the sun set, hiked three miles up a canyon with my cousin and skinned up a 2500 ft. mountain before 8:30am. (Steve wanted to know what I was up to, and since I haven't had time to yak on the phone with the Right-Coasters I have to give personal shout-outs.)

The Colorado adventure bug has been prevailing strongly and on top of the above, there was a Rubik's Cube party a few weeks ago. Not as nerdy as you think, and way more fun then you could ever imagine. Unfortunately the stomach bug is stronger and took me out of my Jackson Hole trip in the Middle of Nowhere, Wyoming. Next up is mountain bike season. Its funny how I used to barely be able to ride 5 hours on a road bike, but I can ride six on a mountain bike no problem. I guess those years racing mtn bikes when I started out were worth it.

Its amazing what an early impression will become.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Hour(s)

I managed to catch up with a friend the other night for a happy hour drink and burger, $5 burger mind you, at The Attic's all day happy hour. So its not really happy hour and I don't think the beers were discounted either, but any burger on the menu for $5 is a deal.

Catching the end of happy hour at 6:30 is impressive considering I've worked until that time for the last three years, taking the evening shift while spending the mornings training in my previous occupation of professional cyclist. I haven't really switched out of that time frame as I moved on from cycling for multiple reasons, most of which involve recreation.

Like the other morning I was up at 3:45AM to drive up to Berthoud Pass for Dawn Patrol. Bryan, Dave, as well as Stu Gillespie 1 and 2 both started hiking the west ridge around 5:30AM and we were back in town by 10:30 after three laps of skiing. Note: there are two Stu Gillespie's in The University of Law School. Weird.

There is nothing like watching the sunrise at 12,000ft. All is right in the world. And the snow was well worth it.