Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wondering Where I've Been Lately?

This should answer most questions...

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

San Juan Bound tonight!

Hopefully this picture accurately describes how awesome its going to be at the Ridgway Hut.

If it doesn't see pictures by DaveK of the area HERE.

I'm off to Crested Butte tonight. Meeting up with the gang and heading to the hut Saturday morning.

Yessiirree. 8 dudes sporting mustaches skiing rad couloirs (hopefully). I will be sporting a corduroy hat as well.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Pictures for You

I went skiing last weekend and all I got were these awesome pictures.

And some sweet turns on snow.

More on Flickr:

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Belt Drive will Break the Chain

(photo courtesy of James Huang at

The Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

The belt drive bring brings some fantastic features to your bicycle while killing off quite a few short comings of the chain drive system. The largest simplification is the lack of moving parts in chain links that require lubrication. Goodbye greasy pants! Two, the polyurethane belt draped over aluminum teeth is claimed to last twice as long as a chain while running smoothly and quietly. Yeah, you can't shift it like a chain to achieve a wide range of gears, but you can always run it on an internal geared rear hub to achieve some flexibility.

The root of my appreciation for the belt drive's traction in the industry here is that the belt is one piece and has no way of separating for installation on your bike. So the solution is to separate the rear triangle on your bike. Seriously. If you made bikes and someone came up to you and said we have this rad system, but it will require you to re-engineer your bike so you can split the frame for installation would you have done it? Keeping in mind that this adds design time another layer of construction complexity to the frame cost, the belt's future would be dim.

Why is splitting the frame a big deal? Well usually the frame is welded into one solid piece or molded into one piece if its carbon. Two, removable and separable joints are weak and act as a point of failure.

The way the belt drive is being accepted is fantastic as it is superb system for the urban cycling market. Manufacturers have tested themselves to craft some unique solutions to make the system seamless and strong is further proof that the belt drive will have a place on our bikes.

I look forward to every innovation possible to make it easier for people like my parents to enjoy riding their bikes more often.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The new @RideCannondale Lefty with PBR Technology

Hipsters rejoice, Cannondale has now added their beloved PBR into the System Integration family.

Are we going to see a new wave of Hooligans, Capos, and Bad Boys on the streets of Williamsburg?

This addition should make all those post ride rehydration sessions much more refreshing.

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