Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When Thoughts Wander and Passion Follows

It is upon us. The fall. It approaches. The Winter.

Summer fitness turns to faster rides. Heat drives us to early mornings or cool evenings. Ski trailers drop like Colorado late afternoon thunderstorms. Cyclocross racers start huffing tubular glue like 3rd graders as they mount tires. All the while my skin tingles with visions of powder turns and snow rushing over my thighs...with my eyes peeled back looking through the woods for my line...completed with the peaceful sensation of flowing like water through a brook or soaring as a hawk rides thermal rises high into the blue sky.


This life will be stellar.

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Friday, August 7, 2009


Walk in the door. Turn lights on. Drop keys on nearest flat surface. Throw mail on kitchen table. Drop briefcase on ground. Beer thy self. Couch. Drink. Sleep.

Well maybe not those last few things, I mean, who carries a briefcase anymore. I don't. I much prefer a murse, which is a man-purse, for those who have unbelievably never seen a Seinfeld episode.

Enter the good effing idea of the day. The light switch cover that holds your mail and keys. Bonus, no holes drilled in the sheet rock that would inevitably be ripped out causing you to lose 3% of your security deposit. It won't collect crap like that draw in the kitchen filled with three dead ballpoint pens, a phone book you'll never use (thanks Google), 11 paper clips, 5 screws, and a ton of worthless scraps of paper. Not to mention it is easier to move then an armoire and never needs to be cleaned unless you are a car mechanic.

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