Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excellence in Design from @chromagbikes

Super stoked to get my hands on this Chromag seatpost quick release
for my trail bike.

A single bolt seatpost clamp is simple and light, but still requires a
tool to drop the seat. Most quick releases use aluminum on aluminum
which is crunchy and wears quickly. Adding a plastic shims fixes this
temporarily but still falls apart. Dropping brass in there fixes both

This thing is CNC machined with a great feel that tops the Salsa flip
lock that people love so much.

Plus they nailed it on the packaging. Slick looking.

Yout trail bike is naked without this thing.

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Back to School

Locking myself into school this fall. Relieved. Scared. Stoked. Jumping off cliffs on skis is easier then this. Michael Cody - (802) 578-2030

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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Little MTB Ride Time

I had a little opportunity to road trip and work remotely last week so
I decided to hit up some meccas of mountain biking out west.

Started in Durango for three days of chilling, working, and riding the
Horse Gulch trails in near perfect conditions. When the snow hit the
next morning I drove out to Moab for two days to ride Slickrock and
Porcupine rim with some friends. Then finished it off with the Panache
Cyclewear crew in Fruita on the Kokopelli trails and in Grand Junction
on the Lunch Loops.

Now tired. Smiling. Happy.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

BMX riders still throw the best tricks on the planet.

"The days of dictating your brand to the public are long gone."

"Customer service is the new marketing. The days of dictating your brand to the public are long gone. There is so much access to information; the customer is actually dictating your brand to you."


This has long been the mantra for us at Pioneer Registration Services, otherwise known as www.bikereg.com for the cycling fans out there. What started as a one man operation on top of a full time gig became a full time gig, adding myself me as the first employee in 2005. Now with 5 of us hoisting the sails, scouting maps, and keep our eyes trained on the horizon, in all directions, we've charted a successful course.

The focus has always been to make sure our customers feel important, our promoters have all the tools they need to succeed, and that we stay slim and nimble in this marketplace. Our customers build our brand up every time they refer us to a friend or promoter.

Our marketing is happy people. Really happy and very satisfied people.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally Watching the Cancellara attack from Paris-Roubaix

And the highlight of the clip is the Belgian commentators at minute 2:10. "Oohhlalalalalalaaa. Ballan we have a problem."

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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Reason to Love Collegiate Racing & @ECCC (@RMCCC)

Reason number #23. When you get dropped and come in with one other racer you decide to have your own race and trackstand at the line. Loser crosses first. As a bonus you get some Fear&Loathing in Las Vegas style photograph to tag as your profile picture on facebook.

Reminds me of the time that Spencer attacked the ECCC A field to win a townline sprint (then sat up) during our race simply for some laughs. (Town lines are everywhere in New England and very common group ride prizes.)

Photograph explained: Its a high speed camera. So if you are going slow, it looks distorted. Photo source here.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Should Have Been an April Fools Joke @inhabitat

Are you kidding me!?!?!? A plant inside a box with a fan to filter air? The plant will filter air WITHOUT the box and cost less. This is a perfect example of the "green" industry wasting energy manufacturing things that you do not need.

I always remember this thing from my engineering classes when you design new products. Its called a prior art search to research patents and previous designs so you don't copy old ideas. It served to prevent wasted energy and caution you against potential patent infringements. If you could work around the prior art and make it better then you should. If you can't, you are already going to fail.

This is a case where a patent search would not turn up any prior art because the U.S. Patent Office does not issue patents to Nature for her design!

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Everyone of these sold should include a bumper sticker that says "SUCKER"!

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#nofriendsonapowderday #itstheworst

No friends on a powder day is a deadly accurate phrase. Especially
when it snows 19".

But I hate it. It's the worst phrase ever because doing things by
yourself sucks.

All of my life's greatest memories are with people I love, which
includes my friends, so I generally avoid doing things by myself.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Take The Worst Pictures of Myself

Which probably means I should stop, but today was too good not too.

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