Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Friends and Family

I hope everyone has a great holiday with their friends and family.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend in Wonderland

We still have a ton of snow here in downtown Boulder. Thankfully I got a few reports from the field that the roads were clear. So with that in mind I trudged through the slop in town to some dry roads with Henk, Ben, and Stefano. It felt good to get back on the road after almost a week off the road bike. We busted out some good hours this weekend.

The last week was not a wash though as I still XC skied, rode my MTB, was in the gym lifting just to name a few things. I really managed to be very productive and get a few necessary things done. One was get a bike fit by one of the world's best fit specialists, Todd Carver. He uses this great system called Retul to do some 3D data capture. The software he has adapted allows him to track things like lateral knee movement through the pedal stroke. I had quite a bit in my right knee and he was able to quickly fix it with some cleat shim adjustments. James Huang from Cyclingnews will be doing a story about the system in the near future.

I've also been doing some yoga in the morning, which is a great way to get a solid stretch and relax the muscles. The chiropractor has also been seeing me weekly. It results in an unbelievable difference in muscle connectivity after my adjustments. I was surprised at first, not really understanding the affect it could have.

Really, none of all this winter riding/skiing would be possible without my awesome riding gear from Champion Systems though. This is the warmest jacket ever with some of the best anatomical cuts I've ever slipped into.

In case you need a laugh!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It snows in Colorado?

No it doesn't really snow here, no, it is more akin to dumping. Or "nuking" as the locals are apt to say.

It started snowing on Thursday night and didn't really stop until Saturday night. With that in mind it was hard to pass up the opportunity to ski up at Winter Park with a free day pass last Friday. My first day out on snow for the year was pretty awesome, and only got better when they opened up a previously closed section of the mountain for the first time this year.

Needless to say people were going nuts to get fresh tracks. My first run down was more like walking since people packed the trail tip to tail and edge to edge on the traverse over. As we hit the steeper sections where the speed picked up, I was reminded of a scene from a WWII airplane dogfight. People were buzzing me left and right and crashing in powder like they had been shot down, exploding into puffballs of snow as each struggled to remember how to ski powder. I was hollering all the way down to the lift, where I had to sit down to catch my breath. The next run resembled medics tending to wounded soldiers with groups of 2-4 looking for lost skis in the deep powder. Thank god for tele skis with leashes.

Saturday, it dumped even more, unreal. The avalanche danger was high throughout the front range on Sunday so my good buddy and roommate Brett and I decided to do some ski touring up on the backside of Eldora. We were excited.

Well Brett was, I guess I was befuddled.

It was super mellow terrain which wasn't so fun on the descent, but such is life. I can't have face shots and big powder everyday.

Hoping to be back to the road soon, but the forecast tonight is for tons of snow...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Glorious Fridays

How often do you set out to explore the world around you?

Are you stuck in a rut or do sweat feverishly anytime you have to go do the same Friday ride?

Today I decided to set out on a new ride thanks to some route beta from Will. He and I use the same gym for our weight lifting sessions so I run into him from time to time. So thanks to the frigid temps I was more then willing to jump on the mountain bike for a pavement to dirt road to dirt trail ride with exploring in mind.

With a full stomach and a mind open to any and all thoughts, I set out into the frigid front range.

This road used to lead to an old mining town of 300 in 1896, according to the plaque in town. Now it is home to a smattering of fancy homes, shanties, and a Jeep dealer. Or so I can surmise since everyone on the street drove a jeep, especially this guy.

Colorado is so beautiful, just naturally beautiful, I just don't even have to try hard to capture it. Although the population should take note, otherwise we will most certainly lose it to the future, development, and "progress." I locked up the brakes on the descent to grab this one.

Thankfully I got the memo about bringing spare gloves, hat, and windproof jacket on the ride as well, because it was COLD on the way down. I mean COLD. Enough to make me sprint up ever little rise to keep my legs warm. Who knew dropping 4,000 vertical feet in 20 minutes could chill you to the bone.

Or cause my hair to do this. Move over Derek Zoolander, you aren't the only really really really ridiculously good looking one around anymore.

Finally, this is the proof for those who doubted my descent. I <3 Technology.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


...are due to my good friends Bryan Smith and Rebekah Williams who are now engaged!

That is all.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving ReCap

I jumped a plane last Monday for the short trip home to Minneapolis, MN for Thanksgiving with my folks. Having some flexible work time gave me a sweet opportunity to spend a week there and I'm super glad I did. My cousins came over to visit. That is Lola and her older Brother Henry Maxwell, yup, that's his name. Awesome.

Then the cooking ensued on Thursday, but only after a morning run around Lake Calhoun with Mom and Sis to get the metabolism going.

The menu this year was based on a Italian Style Thanksgiving, Mille Grazie. The stuffed artichokes were the highlight of the night.

I wanted to stop eating after these, they were the best. But I also made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies so I had to keep eating.

Onto the most important thing that I saw over the week, the "gapper wear" exhibit at the Denver International Airport. The best part was the inability to tell the difference between some of the present fashion trends and the 40 year old jackets.